New Zealand

It is official, we are going to New Zealand.

It had been on our wishlist for a long time. It will be hard and scary to get there with two small children, but we decided not to let that get to us. It was our dream destination and we realised it was a now or never moment. (at least a now or wait 15 more years moment).

We will be travelling from february 9th untill march 13th. Our trip starts in Auckland, North Island where we will pick up our 6 berth camper.

ArvieIt is big but we really wanted the extra comfort, this camper will be our home for 5 weeks, we will be calling our home Arvie (RV) from now on.

The trip ends in Christchurch, South Island 5 weeks later.



A whopping 31u45 will get us there. Departure 09/02/2015, arriving 11/02/2015 ;-(

Brussel – London

London- Sydney

Sydney Auckland


The return is equally impressive. Departure 13/03/2015, arriving 14/03/2015

Christchurch – Sydney

Sydney – Dubai

Dubai – Amsterdam


We will be flying with Qantas,  recently voted the safest airline (no accident happened since 1951) .

So no need to worry about our safety…

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