Kaikoura – the end of our amazing journey

Our last part of the travel, Kaikoura.

Here it is all about finding either whales, dolphins or furseals.

We are greedy and like to see all of the above…

The minute we arrive from the mountains we get a view on about 100 dolphins playing around at shore. Nice welcome.


After arranging our boats for the whale encounter, we head over to south bay, where all the seals should be.

South bay is a rocky part along the coast where you can walk on when it is low tide. The seals are relaxing in the sun, beingg lazy as always, and we can just walk in between them.



The rest of the afternoon we spend relaxing, because that is what we planned on doing as much as possible on our last couple of days.

Next day we have an early start to go and search for whales, more specifically the sperm whale.

We have a moderate to heavy sea in front of us, so we were a bit worried about motionsickness. And to be honnest, we were right to be.

We all filled our little write paperbag, except Tanne, who showed some strong stomachcontrol…

But at least our effort got its reward, we saw to whales from upclose. ( that means, you see them swimming and when they dive under, they show their tail.

Back to our favorite bar afterworths, because we had have enough sea for one day. We finished the day with a very nice seafood platter in a nice restaurant.

On our last day in NZ, Tanne finallly got to do the kayaktrip she was wanting to do for a long time.

Steven and Tanne booked a sea kayak trip to some seal colony.


Meanwhile Eveline and Inse wanted to see the dolphins up close and so they booked a dolphin encounter.

Both were very cool to do. The kayaking was a fun trip and the seals played around our kayak.

Inse and mom got to see some hundreds of dolphins around their both. Wow ! We wanted a final seafood dinner and ate crayfish and mussels from a local seafood bbq stand.

In front of us is the looooong trip home, but on the other side are famiy and friends to look forward too!!


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  1. Els says:

    Great closure of a great holiday – have a save trip home !!

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