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It is almost impossible to explain the size of the nose. 3000 ft (1000m) When looking at it from the meadow below it looks big, but not that big. Only when you find some climbers through your binoculars you get an idea of the massiveness.



Allthough the rediculously fast record time is 2h36mins, most people have to commit for at least 3 days to climb the nose. Therefore “sleeping” 2 night in the wall. That is either on a natural ledge or in portaledges. 3 days, 4 peoples that means a HEAVY haulbag with water, food and material…

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King Swing

One of the most famous passages in the nose is the King Swing. A horizontal pendulum with nothing but 1000ft of air below you. Put on your Nike Air verticals and run forrest run

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The Great Roof

Nothing but a black feature in the wall if seen from the ground, but a 30ft overhaning roof awaits on pitch 22. Only the happy few get to climb it free, Others will need a full aided hall pass.

Pitch by Pitch

31pitches, 3000ft, 3 days, 2 nights

Check Here to find out about some famous pitches
Sickle Ledge
Stove Legs
Dolt Tower
Texas Flake
Boot Flake
Great Roof
Pancake Flake
Glowering Spot


The sensei, the climber, the alpinist, the boulderer

Johan Mus

The Sensei aka the optimist
By far most exerienced. And we do not only mean by age… He has a sustained exprecience in training, big walling, climbing techniques, and has previously battled his way up the nose on several occasions


The Climber aka the pessimist
Filip earned medals in all sorts of climbing styles and will be without a doubt the fittest of the party. Has a sustained experience on bigwalls, ice climbing and rock climbing. Had a smooth partnership with Johan on their last Yosemite trip


The Alpinist aka the dreamer
Klaas has previously been doing alpine projects with Filip and earned his nickname “the future of Belgian Alpinism” on the field. he also has a relevant knowledge in industrial techniques.


The Boulderer aka the realist
Allthough passionate about bouldering he recently started appreciating the joys of sportclimbing as well. Zero experience on big walls and some past alpine experience that for sure wont help him at all. But this will for sure be compensated by laughs and steel psyche.

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