This was our planned route. The choice of visiting the West Coast was easy for us. This is by far the best place to enjoy all the great scenary the USA has to offer.

As we are not really into cities and as the USA has not much to offer cultural wise, this suited our plans fine.

On a relative short distance there are plenty of highlights and different natural gems.

I would suggest to rent a car and allways try to stay in the parks to sleep. That way you can experience the parks as you should…from inside.

We bought a tent and some cooking stuff in Walmart and camped on the numerous campgrounds in the parks. We would recommend it to everybody who is slightly adventurous.

Most hotels and motels are located outside the parks, so this is really the way to go if you want to get the most out of your trip…

    Dag 1 19-jul Brussel-Zurich-Los Angeles Landen om 16u15
    Dag 2 20-jul Los Angeles (Universal + Hollywood + Walk of Fame + Venice Beach + Sunset strip + Rodeo Drive)
    Dag 3 21-jul Los Angeles + via Highway 1 naar San Simeon
    Dag 4 22-jul San Simeon + rit naar Monterey (Monterey Bay Aquarium)
    Dag 5 23-jul Monterey + 17 mile drive + rit naar San Francisco
    Dag 6 24-jul San Fransisco (Alcatraz + Fishermans Warf + Pier 39 + Golden Gate Bridge + Golden Gate Park)
    Dag 7 25-jul San Fransisco + rit naar Sequoia NP
    Dag 8 26-jul Seaquoia NP + Bishop + rit Yosemity NP
    Dag 9 27-jul Yosemity NP
    Dag 10 28-jul Yosemite NP
    Dag 11 29-jul Yosemity NP + Tioga Pass + rit Monolake
    Dag 12 30-jul Monolake + Bodie Ghost town + rit Death Vally NP
    Dag 13 31-jul Death Valley NP + rit Las Vegas
    Dag 14 1-aug Las Vegas (Hoover dam + “the Strip”)
    Dag 15 2-aug Las Vegas + rit Zion NP
    Dag 16 3-aug Zion NP + rit Bryce NP (Emarald Pool Trail)
    Dag 17 4-aug Bryce NP (Navaja + Queens Garden)
    Dag 18 5-aug Bryce NP+ rit capitol reefs NP
    Dag 19 6-aug Capitol reefs NP + rit Arches NP
    Dag 20 7-aug Arches NP+ rit Mesa Verde
    Dag 21 8-aug Mesa Verde + rit Monument Valley NP
    Dag 22 9-aug Monument Valley NP
    Dag 23 10-aug Monumnet Valley NP+ rit Grand Canyon NP
    Dag 24 11-aug Grand Canyon NP
    Dag 25 12-aug Grand Canyon NP + rit Sedona
    Dag 26 13-aug Sedona + rit Joshua tree NP
    Dag 27 14-aug Joshua Tree NP
    Dag 28 15-aug Joshua Tree NP + rit San Diego
    Dag 29 16-aug San Diego + rit LA
    Dag 30 17-aug Los Angeles – Zurich – Brussel Vertrekken om 19u35

    The West Coast of the USA offers more highlights than any other part

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